menu - main courses

BB prepares every lunch time a culinary delight for only $30EC

BB's Signature Dish
Curried Caribbean Special - Tender goat meat cooked in curry and coconut milk.

King Prawns Seretse (Shrimp)
This takes its name after my second son, the King of Prawns cooked in butter with lobster sauce, served with mango and pimentos.

Meaty Mia
Takes its name after my twin daughter. Fresh breast of chicken marinated in twelve herbs and spices, cooked in coconut oil and served on a cushion of sweet potato and Caribbean ham mash.

Baracuda La Port
Prime fillet of baracuda wrapped in bacon, pan fried and served in a crab and lobster sauce.

Seared Tuna Ashley
Takes its name after my first son, 6 oz. of tuna steak grilled to your liking on a bed of callaloo, butter and red wine sauce.

The Twins Benjamin - Daddies Girls
A double delight of prime fillet of red mullet and sea bream on a cushion of shredded sweet potato cake. Pan fried with okra, mixed peppers in a garlic and lime sauce.

Red Snapper
Prime fillet with a rich ratatouille sauce.

Jerk Pork or Chicken
Pork or chicken marinated in the classic Jamaican seasoning.

Whole Lobster Calypso (Seasonal Sept - May)
Seasoned with red, green and yellow peppers in a saufron and citrus sauce (OR anyway you like it).

The Grendadian
Oildown! Grenda's national dish. Only available on Friday.